04 July 2008


Well, my name is Mason (hopefully you already knew that). Thanks for checking out my newest blog page! Let me tell you a little about myself, and my desire to travel and experience a new culture this following semester so that I can understand the Spanish language a bit more.

At the beginning of my junior year a friend of mine actually came up with the idea of studying abroad. I, however, thought it would be awesome and decided to look into it myself. I thought my parents would say no at first but months later I realized this is actually going to happen. So, why Spain? Well when I grow up, I plan on teaching and I think Spanish is going to be the course I would like to teach the most. I love learning about different cultures, and this being just a semester, I wanted to take advantage of being in Europe for a decent amount of time.

I'm living in Cádiz, Spain with an older couple who have four kids (three are out of the house). Their last name is Romero-Garcia. The father is Jose Romero, and the mother is Isabel Garcia. There is a picture of them below. The children's names are Moise, Victor, Marion, Jesus (girl in purple that is still at home). I'm guessing the father is on the left, and the mother is on the right. The family also has a dog, and I get my own room.

In Cádiz, there are four beaches, so that is pretty exciting since I've never been to one. My host father has a restaurant and that is pretty cool, because I get to grub out in Spain. Below is a picture of some of the buildings in Cádiz, and the beach. I'm really excited, regardless.


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When do I leave? : September 18 (Salt Lake City)
When do I come home? : February 1 (Salt Lake City)

Something I would like to do with this blog, is keep you updated with what is new in Spain and with myself. I plan on adding seven new words every entry to give you some sort of Spanish lesson. Haha. I plan on updating this once a week, hopefully that works out. The words might be phrases or new vocabulary that I learn, or they just might be random words I look up in the dictionary from time to time. I am hoping to also post a few pictures with this, so let's hope for the best.

When I get back, life will be crazy, and I'll post one more blog. So, if you want to see how life turns out for me, check out my other blog at http://www.mason-magagna.blogspot.com .

I honestly can't believe it... holy moly. I'd like to thank some people, at this time. I do this a lot, so bear with me!

Amy & Nick

The two people who have been there countless phone calls, and answering every text have shown me that I can make friends. These two keep me going and pushing for success, so I'm not afraid of having trouble making friends in Spain.

Rachael & Jesse

You two have been motivating and have helped make me feel not embarrassed to have fun, and to let me feel relaxed. Whether it was all of the stupid inside jokes we've had, or the stupid ideas we have followed through with, I think I can be more outgoing next year.

My Family

I guess you could say that these people were always there to back up my decisions regardless the outcomes may be. My Mom and Dad have always been ones to let all of my siblings and I fulfill our dreams, and being comfort when we don't succeed. My Siblings have pushed and shoved me to help me be stronger as well, and this will surely help in Spain when I am struggling.

Carla & Señor A.

The two of you have helped out a ton with me preparing for Spain. Whether it was teaching me the language itself or a little about culture one step at a time, I'm so lucky to have had you two teachers and friends there. You guys are kind of big deals.

Alright, well I hope that you enjoyed this, and feel free to leave me a comment! :)