30 September 2008

He Aprendido. . .

In one week I feel I haven't learned too much, but I am getting a grip on stuff. Here are seven things I did learn though:

-Onda - Wave (in Quimica, micro onda or mirco wave)
-Extrañar - To Miss
-Sin Gas - Without Carbonation (I was confused why bottles said without gas.)
-Ordinador - Laptop
-No pasa nada - Let it be. (Isabel says this when I don't care for the food.)
-Vale - Okay
-Acuerdo - Agree

I thought Cadiz wouldn't use the Zeta, but a lot of people here actually do. Oh, drats.
The famous Paella, haha. I ate it, and I still don't know how I feel about it. :)

Primera Semana de Escuela Española

Lunes: I went to school today, with intentions it would be just like back home. Its definitely not. The school has students from ages 12 through 18. There are four floors, one being in the basement for P.E. I thought I would go to all of my classes today but I didn't. I still have a few new ones coming tomorrow and even a few more on Wed. Schedules over here, are more like you have either two choices being in your 12th year of school. You fall into a Bachillerato (I don't know what that is) A or B. I am in B, for Science and Technology. You sit in the same desk all day, for six hours. The teachers are the ones that change classes, for the most part. You have five minutes in between classes to walk around, and after your third class you have a half hour break, Recreo. I found that kids here are willing to help, even though its hard when they only speak Spanish. I went to P.E. after my break and they wanted to play "El Matar". I asked if it was like Dodgeball in the U.S. to some of the students that appear to like sports, and they all said yes. They lied. Haha. Its so hard to explain. They use a football, and there are two teams that turn into four teams. . . and it was embarassing when the teacher told me I had to play, instead of just watching and trying to figure it out. I got the hang of it, and at the end this one kid said something about me playing football back in the states. I said "No. Me gusta Futbol, no Futbol Americano" and everyone clapped, ha. :)

This is my school, La Caleta. My class is on the top floor.

Martes: I started my 10th Grade year all over today, it felt like. First I had Math, and we are learning Matrices, or Matrixes. All of my teachers use the Zeta here, and I am getting used to it. I can understand what they are saying, when they draw stuff on the board. I have to buy my books tonight though. :( I had no idea that this was coming. Then I had Chemistry and Biology today, as well as Philosophy. And then I had to choose between Religion or Alternative. . . I had no idea what was where and I was sitting in the Religion room, and when the teacher was taking role I was just sitting there and a huge group of Spaniards walked in yelling at me, and so I followed them, and we sat on the computer all hour in this other class. . . I suppose it is like a study hall. I showed and explained them everyone on my slideshow deal I made for my going away party, and they said Amy was hot, Nick and I look like the kids off Superbad, Jesse looks like a president, and Rachael and I take too many pictures together. Haha. I enjoyed trying to explain to them all of my friends in Wyoming. Oh, when I tell them I am from Wyoming, they stare blankly at me and laugh. "Wyoming?!"

This is my class. My seat is the backpack on the left.

Miercoles: Today I had P.E. again, and it was hilarious. They do some crazy stretches and have a different way of playing games like tag in the U.S. Its really fun to watch because the kids are constantly laughing at the teacher, because the teacher loves El Flamanco. El Flamanco is an Andalucian (the region I am living in in Spain) dance that everyone knows. The whole class today just clapped, danced, and then it was my turn. They tried to show me. Tried. :) Haha, I will never, ever, dance El Flamanco in the U.S. Bahaha. And I met this new transfer student from Madrid, Manuel. He and I tried to have a conversation but I definitely can't speak Spanish as well as the Spaniards, duh, and so I got really nervous. :/ But I came to the conclusion that I can't give up when I don't understand. I need to just focus and obtain as much as I can to learn the language, which is my main goal of this experience.

When I look out my window, I see the Atlantic Ocean across the street.

Jueves: Today was by far the hardest day of the week. I feel as if I have nothing else to say to anyone, because I don't know what else to say. Haha. I was sitting in Biology and I remembered Biology in 10th Grade. We are learning about Asexual Reproduction, and in Biology as a sophomore we all declared that Amy can reproduce asexually. Bahaha, that was a class joke. Jokes in one language aren't funny in another language, I have learned today. : No "Your Mom" jokes over here, either. But, I did hit the point where everyone is asking you how to say bad words in English, haha. Historia de Espana, and Filosofia are going to kill me, and if those don't then Lengua is. Today, just was a bad day.

After school, the streets are flooded with Spaniards!

Viernes: Finally it is the weekend. I feel as if I am taking AP classes in Rock Springs! The week goes by so much faster with school, I think that helps a lot. Lengua, Filosofia, and Hisoria are all classes that I just explained to the teacher that I will take notes, and try my best to understand whats going on but its completely different than anything I have ever done and I am not seeing myself passing the exams in November. Oh, they do use Trimesters over here instead of Semesters, so thats going to be pretty different. :/ That was my first week. . . wow.

25 September 2008

Esta es Cadiz

Sunday Night:
I made it here to Cadiz fine. I am definitely going to be going through culture shock. The streets here are at the base of the flats (the buildings EVERYONE lives in) throughout the entire city. Its pretty cool, I don't have internet at my host house though, so I have to come to the Catedral where they have free WiFi. Its so crazy, I can't believe this is actually happening. I thought that I would feel like I had nobody to talk to. Then I met my host family. . .
(Andreas and I)
I have a host brother. Two, at the moment actually. Andreas, from Germany, and Colton from Virgina. Colton is leaving in a week, to Morocco which is his second of four countries he has to live in for credit at his college. Then there is Isabel. She loves to cook, and feed us. Haha. First thing I do when I arrive to Cadiz is set my suitcases down in my new room which I share with Andreas, and I follow this lady that is yelling in Spanish at me to the table in the living room, where there is food already set. She speaks really fast and I don't know what she wants half of the time. Haha.
(I don't know the name. . . its good though! :))
My view on this exchange is to make the most out of it, whether its trying new foods, or just getting myself into embarassing situations. I've already been through both now. I tried this fish that Isabel had cooked, and never again. Nope. But it is fine, I ended up getting some spaghetti with it. Then I finally got a hold of my mom, and she told me something some of you guys had been saying. . . I got homesick. :'( Its fine, I guess I just have to hurry and get used to it.

(The streets of Cadiz)
Well guys, tomorrow I actually start school. I guess my school put me in the science track and that is okay because I can take Chemistry and Biology while I am over here (both classes I've taken in the U.S. so hopefully that helps me). :D
(Mi Sala/My Livingroom)

17 September 2008

Bienvenidos a Bacelona!

Sorry it took so long to post something. Don't fear, I am here! Haha.

This was my last night in the U.S. Ha, I miss you guys!!!

Friday: It is my first night here in Barcelona and my program people are pretty cool. They gave us until 10 o'clock to be out, but its now 1 in the morning and people still haven't returned to the Hostel. I felt pretty uneasy about staying at a Hostel, this one is pretty nice though. I went to this mall up the street after dinner, and sat down at this cafe. This man came up to us, and asked me where I was from (De donde eres?) and I realized he used the Zeta (its the funny lisp thing they do in most of Spain). . . I tried to use it back with the man and I started laughing, oops. The man did not find it that funny though. I also used Vosotros for the first time that it was a necessity, correctly! :) Its getting pretty late so I am going to get some sleep. Buenos noches!

Saturday: Its way cool here, I can't believe I got to see La Segrada Familia. I told a lot of people I would want to stand up on the chairs to get a picture, and I did! I also bought a FC Barcelona jersey in small shop. . . I bargained for it. Original price was 25 EU, and the man ended up giving it to me for 20.:D Tonight we are planning a dinner with once again, a night out and about in the malls.

Sunday: Well, today is the day I head to Cadiz. I leave here, within an hour. I have to say goodbye to all of the Intrax kids here, because most of them are staying in Barcelona or somewhere close. I really liked it here, I hope that my family is nice and that I get to see all of my friends I made here at the Madrid trip in January. I found out that I don't get to visit Carla next month. They feel that students shouldn't travel until 9 weeks into the program, but I also found out I can get a realease from my program after the Madrid trip, (Jan. 19) and go travel around Europe until my return, meaning I would go see my family in London and for sure stay with Carla! :)