17 September 2008

Bienvenidos a Bacelona!

Sorry it took so long to post something. Don't fear, I am here! Haha.

This was my last night in the U.S. Ha, I miss you guys!!!

Friday: It is my first night here in Barcelona and my program people are pretty cool. They gave us until 10 o'clock to be out, but its now 1 in the morning and people still haven't returned to the Hostel. I felt pretty uneasy about staying at a Hostel, this one is pretty nice though. I went to this mall up the street after dinner, and sat down at this cafe. This man came up to us, and asked me where I was from (De donde eres?) and I realized he used the Zeta (its the funny lisp thing they do in most of Spain). . . I tried to use it back with the man and I started laughing, oops. The man did not find it that funny though. I also used Vosotros for the first time that it was a necessity, correctly! :) Its getting pretty late so I am going to get some sleep. Buenos noches!

Saturday: Its way cool here, I can't believe I got to see La Segrada Familia. I told a lot of people I would want to stand up on the chairs to get a picture, and I did! I also bought a FC Barcelona jersey in small shop. . . I bargained for it. Original price was 25 EU, and the man ended up giving it to me for 20.:D Tonight we are planning a dinner with once again, a night out and about in the malls.

Sunday: Well, today is the day I head to Cadiz. I leave here, within an hour. I have to say goodbye to all of the Intrax kids here, because most of them are staying in Barcelona or somewhere close. I really liked it here, I hope that my family is nice and that I get to see all of my friends I made here at the Madrid trip in January. I found out that I don't get to visit Carla next month. They feel that students shouldn't travel until 9 weeks into the program, but I also found out I can get a realease from my program after the Madrid trip, (Jan. 19) and go travel around Europe until my return, meaning I would go see my family in London and for sure stay with Carla! :)

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