25 September 2008

Esta es Cadiz

Sunday Night:
I made it here to Cadiz fine. I am definitely going to be going through culture shock. The streets here are at the base of the flats (the buildings EVERYONE lives in) throughout the entire city. Its pretty cool, I don't have internet at my host house though, so I have to come to the Catedral where they have free WiFi. Its so crazy, I can't believe this is actually happening. I thought that I would feel like I had nobody to talk to. Then I met my host family. . .
(Andreas and I)
I have a host brother. Two, at the moment actually. Andreas, from Germany, and Colton from Virgina. Colton is leaving in a week, to Morocco which is his second of four countries he has to live in for credit at his college. Then there is Isabel. She loves to cook, and feed us. Haha. First thing I do when I arrive to Cadiz is set my suitcases down in my new room which I share with Andreas, and I follow this lady that is yelling in Spanish at me to the table in the living room, where there is food already set. She speaks really fast and I don't know what she wants half of the time. Haha.
(I don't know the name. . . its good though! :))
My view on this exchange is to make the most out of it, whether its trying new foods, or just getting myself into embarassing situations. I've already been through both now. I tried this fish that Isabel had cooked, and never again. Nope. But it is fine, I ended up getting some spaghetti with it. Then I finally got a hold of my mom, and she told me something some of you guys had been saying. . . I got homesick. :'( Its fine, I guess I just have to hurry and get used to it.

(The streets of Cadiz)
Well guys, tomorrow I actually start school. I guess my school put me in the science track and that is okay because I can take Chemistry and Biology while I am over here (both classes I've taken in the U.S. so hopefully that helps me). :D
(Mi Sala/My Livingroom)

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Jen said...

Bring me some yummy food. :) Have fun.