30 September 2008

He Aprendido. . .

In one week I feel I haven't learned too much, but I am getting a grip on stuff. Here are seven things I did learn though:

-Onda - Wave (in Quimica, micro onda or mirco wave)
-Extrañar - To Miss
-Sin Gas - Without Carbonation (I was confused why bottles said without gas.)
-Ordinador - Laptop
-No pasa nada - Let it be. (Isabel says this when I don't care for the food.)
-Vale - Okay
-Acuerdo - Agree

I thought Cadiz wouldn't use the Zeta, but a lot of people here actually do. Oh, drats.
The famous Paella, haha. I ate it, and I still don't know how I feel about it. :)

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