15 October 2008


Some of the other kids in Bachillerato 2 with me, this is during P.E.

I've been trying to understand as much as I can lately, and the dictionary is my best friend. Next week I have Midterm exams and I think the only subjects I feel comfortable in are English, Biology, and Chemistry. I'm so nervous for French, Spanish, Philosophy, and History, I have no idea where to even begin studying.
I've never seen high tide and low tide before, so this amazed me when the water was all gone. I go here to read sometimes, its relaxing.

I got invited to go play tennis a few times, and I'm excited to go play sometime soon. If it goes good, I'll have to get my parents to send me my racket because I don't have mine with me. Oh, and everyone wants to play some futbol de la playa this weekend and I'm pretty excited about that.
I walked along this path out onto a little island sort of deal in Cadiz to this Castle. It was closed. :(

Sorry I haven't posted anything new for a while, but here are a couple new posts!


Jen said...

Hi Mason!
Sorry we haven't commented, we have been reading and keeping up on you though. Looks like things are going well. Your attitude is great. If you feel comfortable in Chemistry. . . uh, I think your going to do fabulous on your exams. :)
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey mase
i found out how to do the comment thing and i think it didnt work so here i am again..haha. but if you got the other one this one will probably be close to the same thing ha.. anyways im really happy that you have made so many friends! are they crazy like Carla? ha and your going to Italy!! thats awesome you'll love it! i love bella's lullaby i put it on repeat haha. anyways i miss you!
bye bye