25 October 2008

Fiesta de Fruta

After a long week of stress from my first half of midterms it was nice to relax in a plaza with a bunch of Spaniards. Fiestas here are not where one consumes alcohol all of the time, contrary to popular belief. Its where people gather, and you can really get involved with the culture. This was the first one I actually got to see quite a bit of.

This the festivities for the day, there was a play going on.
Sad day, my camera broke last weekend, ten minutes after I took a few pictures it just wouldn't turn on and was making funny sounds. I have my American cell phone which doesn't have the greatest camera in the world, but its something. I used Andrea's tonight though and I have to send my camera home to get it replaced, haha. So, to Nick, Amy, and Jesse: I'm sorry your guys' present broke, but I am getting it replaced! Anyways, back to the fiesta. . .

This is the concert that was going on. . . The figure on the right started on fire about half way through the concert and it gradually got brighter. It was pretty neat.

This was the starting of the fireworks, it was way cool, and very loud. I was actually not here for the first set, I was about ten blocks away, but they were so loud and rumbled through the small streets. It was crazy. Little kids were crying and the parents were laughing.
And this is after the fiesta, when people were leaving. The whole thing was really fun! :)

Here is a video. I hope it works! But hope all is well back in The Rock. :) Hasta luego!

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annette said...

That was cool Mase..too bad it was dark and hard to see the things that you were pointing out..hopefully we can get your camera replaced SOON!! Love ya! MOM