30 October 2008

Mis Consejos

I've been gone for over a month, and its gone by so fast. I haven't had too many days where I just sit and think about home, I just do it from time to time for short moments. I think I have a theory to why this could be. Either I'm going through some sort of culture shock, or I'm having my fair share of embarassing moments that make me laugh in the end. Here are is some advice and funny stories. Enjoy! [Sorry its a long one.] :D

Here is a senior pic, I have to do them here in Spain.

-I was walking with a couple of my friends and I showed them my American cell phone. They looked at it, and found the music on it. They wanted to know a translation of the song, and I had no idea where to start. The song was "Time After Time" by Quietdrive. . . and I told them "Tiempo despues tiempo, no se!" They didn't like the response very much, so words of advice would be don't let them listen to American music with you; unless you are really good at
-We were eating dinner a few weeks ago, and I didn't realize that "pollo" [chicken] has only the "o" ending, you can't make it end with "a" for description. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I complemented someone/thing on their body part.

-You can never say "Si" enough. My host mother asked me if I was feeling well, and of course I just said "Si". This resulted in "Él se muere. ¡Llévalo al hospital!" [He's dying. Take him to the hospital!] So my words of advice here would be that you should take a deep breath and drop "Si" as much as you can.

-As with "Si", you must learn how to properly say good-bye. I figured a simple "Adios" would work. Nope, in order to say good-bye properly, say something like "Adios venga hasta luego cuidate mañana". That should do the trick.
-Don't mention to the little Spaniards that you are from America. If you do, they start saying every possible swear word and words that you didn't even know about. Haha. Then they want direct translations too, so hopefully you kind of have an idea of how to translate.
And another senior photo. . .

-I didn't go to school because of a sore throat, I was really tired so I wanted to sleep too. I was sleeping, Isabel didn't even notice I was here, until I got up and walked around for a few minutes. She asked what I was doing home, and when I said that I had a sore throat she freaked out and made me a glass of warm milk. Then made me put on socks. I was walking without shoes, and she thought I was going to die from the plague or something. And then I couldn't even leave that night to use my computer. I will never sleep in again.
-I am trying to change my hair style while I was over here. Yes, Jesse and Emily, I'm still going bald but one of my Spanish friends thought I'd look cool with a mini mohawk deal, so I tried it and liked it. Well I wanted to buy some gel, to possibly make it hold a little better. I coudln't find hair gel ANYWHERE. If you need it, bring it by the gallons. I'm not saying that they don't have it, it's just that no American will EVER be able to find it in any

-Making your bed means two things; your host mother will clean your laundry, and your food will be served hot.

-Google = "Goog-Lay"

-Stores are always going to be closed due to Siesta when you finally feel like going shopping.

-Laugh at every Spanish joke, even if you don't know whats going on. Otherwise, they might find you to be rude and that you don't have any sense of humor. BUT make sure that you are laughing at a joke. Wait for some people to laugh, and then laugh. This isn't a good thing, and teachers don't like when you laugh at their lectures.

-George Bush is best left out of any conversation. Noone over here wants McCain to win either, its all Obama. Don't get involved in political conversations unless you know your stance, and can share your opinion on elections.

And my favorite. . .
-You don't make friends and then talk soccer. You tell them whether you like FC Barcelona, or Real Madrid and then make friends.
Me, with the famous "Manpris", and Barcelona jersey.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm wearing a Barcelona jersey. My plan was to be a dead soccer player, but I was informed that they don't dress up at school. Ah well. Hasta luego!

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