15 October 2008

Quieres festejar?!

The procession for Dia de Rosario.

Last Tuesday (the 6th) I didn't have school for a fiesta. It was a religious holiday, Dia de Rosario, for a patron of Cadiz. There was a procession on Monday night with a band and candle lighting, it was pretty cool. And then the next morning it all continued but I slept through all of the stuff in the morning. Tuesday night an ending session continued with a parade and it was really neat.

Some Spaniards in a plaza where the parade was going on.

And then on Monday, the 13th, we didn't have school again because it was Spain's day of celebration. Columbus was Spanish afterall. :) Andreas and I went to a movie though, we didn't know exactly where the festivities were taking place. We watched El nino con el pijama de rayas, which is a huge book over here that I am going to read for my English class. You guys get the movie in November, so you should watch it!

On of the many carts that you can buy fun stuff from.

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