23 November 2008


I took a class trip to the Sierras de Cádiz on Wednesday, and I got to hang out with all of my friends. Like in the states, the oldest get the back of the bus, so the 2º Bachillerato was in the back.

We saw the little pueblos of casas blancas. Here is Grazalema.

This is Fran, Jesús, and I on the bus. "Lokos". Jaja.

Me, Jesús, Fran before hitting the trails.

Reaching the peaks made my day, except that meant walking downhill and my legs were dead by the time we hit the water museum.
This is Fani (thats what she said. . . its Estefania), and I.

The phrase from the day was "Estamos harto de agua impotable", because there was a fountain for animals, which of course would not have been great had we drank it.

Lessons from the day:
-More palabrotas!
-Dont take pictures with the Spaniards, they wont stop!
-The teachers want you to bring food for every hour of the day!
-Don't wear Pumas for hikes!

And now about the trip. I actually have decided no against Italy myself, just because I know the parents weren't too stoked about the idea. I will go to Carla's on Christmas and stay there until the 11 of January, which I'm excited for! :D Hasta luego!

Gorch Fock

Okay, thats German. So, my host brother met up with some of the German Navy here in Cádiz, and it was really cool getting a free tour of the ship, and meeting some of those people. They left on Tuesday and it was a little sad saying bye to them after knowing them for only a week. I can't even imagine saying bye when I leave. :O

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorch_Fock and click on the 1933 link to see some more information on the ship. . . it was really interesting.

15 November 2008


After a very long day, I'm actually glad to say that I am happy to be back in Cádiz. The sights in Sevilla were definitely eye candy, but some of the people there put me in the worst mood ever. I haven´t been so angry while being here I don't think. Andreas and I woke up at 6:00 to catch a train, which took about 1.5 hours to get to Sevilla.

I made it a point to see five things atleast while I was there. These are my favorites:
1) Plaza de Espana
2) Plaza de Toros
3) Giralda Catedral
4) The Gardens
5) Torre de Oro

Some of the people there were very nice and noticed I was constantly looking at a map, and helped give us directions to some places. But then others, basically were annoying and were 'reading my future' then demanding 20 Euro from me. I used some of my new colorful vocabulary to let them know that I was not happy with it. Bah, was that annoying.

I came home dehydrated, sunburnt, hungry, tired, and with a terrible headache. I ate and took some ibuprofen and now I am starting to feel better. I am pretty sure I could have enjoyed this trip more had I prepared a little better. Haha, but I'm okay! :D I bought some postcards, but I don't have anyone's address with me. Comment me on here with it, or e-mail me [magagna_m@hotmail.com] and I will be sure to send you one! Adios!

13 November 2008

Partido de Fútbol

To see a partido de fútbol is probably one of the top priorities that one should follow through with while being in a Spanish speaking country. I went and saw Cádiz C.F. play last weekend, and they won 3-0! The other team was Antequera, and they had the smallest crowd I have ever seen. It was very easy to dislike the other team, since their colors were green and black.

Cadiz Stadium

The árbitro whistled for halftime and Cádiz was ahead 3-0. The other crowd started getting angry and dropped their pants, mooning us. This drove the Cádiz fans nuts, and lets just say that I learned a few new vocabulary words that day.

The smallest group of fans, ever.

Everyone sang together in the stadium which was awesome. Except I didn't know what to sing exactly, so I recorded it and have been trying to figure it out for the next game on the 30th.
I give my German host brother crap all of the time because he is studying in Spain, and Spain beat Germany in the Euro Cup this year.

Final score of the game.

Here is my latest installment for my few readers there are, haha. Hope you enjoy! Next blog will probably be about Sevilla, because its my next stop on this Saturday. Chao!

Me before the game. I didn't have a Cádiz jersey, but now I do. Haha.

07 November 2008

Mas Estudiando

I think that 'fue un fracaso' is the only phrase I find to sum up my first set of exams. I managed to pass English! Your score on an exam over here is out of 10, I got 9.2/10 :D [I didn't know a few words in Spanish]. Recieving a 5 on an exam makes you 'aprobado', so I am happy to say that I passed my French oral exam. The written, unfortunately was not that great. Math, I did terrible in. Bleh, I have a problem understanding math in Enlgish, let alone in Spanish. Other than that I'm still waiting to find out my scores on Philosophy, History, and Lengua (although I'm certain I didn't do great). Chemistry and Biology are this week, hopefully I am a little bit better in those classes. But as my teachers say, "No pasa nada."
Amigos y yo en Halloween. Notice how we are all dressed for winter!

Halloween was really cold here, which is odd because I hear it was finally nice in Rock Springs! I sat at home and ate candy my parents sent me, and read New Moon since I just finished Twilight. The next day we had All Saints Day fiestas and there was something to do all day. I walked around a lot, and to my amazement I am no longer getting lost in Cadiz!
If your umbrella breaks because of the wind, simply throw it on the ground!
Now, I'm planning a trip with a few friends to go to Italy in December, then I'm off to Carla's! Her and I have been talking quite a bit, and I'm excited to celebrate New Years with her. And my birthday, Jan. 6 aka Kings Day, is a huge fiesta here, like Christmas only bigger in Spain. I'm stoked! :D Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though, because this is going by really fast. I can't believe I've been gone for nearly 2 months now! I miss Wyoming, yes even the snow. Haha, hope all is good. Hasta luego!