23 November 2008


I took a class trip to the Sierras de Cádiz on Wednesday, and I got to hang out with all of my friends. Like in the states, the oldest get the back of the bus, so the 2º Bachillerato was in the back.

We saw the little pueblos of casas blancas. Here is Grazalema.

This is Fran, Jesús, and I on the bus. "Lokos". Jaja.

Me, Jesús, Fran before hitting the trails.

Reaching the peaks made my day, except that meant walking downhill and my legs were dead by the time we hit the water museum.
This is Fani (thats what she said. . . its Estefania), and I.

The phrase from the day was "Estamos harto de agua impotable", because there was a fountain for animals, which of course would not have been great had we drank it.

Lessons from the day:
-More palabrotas!
-Dont take pictures with the Spaniards, they wont stop!
-The teachers want you to bring food for every hour of the day!
-Don't wear Pumas for hikes!

And now about the trip. I actually have decided no against Italy myself, just because I know the parents weren't too stoked about the idea. I will go to Carla's on Christmas and stay there until the 11 of January, which I'm excited for! :D Hasta luego!

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xoxem_ily said...

fani is real cute!! does she wear fanny packs cause that would be sweet