13 November 2008

Partido de Fútbol

To see a partido de fútbol is probably one of the top priorities that one should follow through with while being in a Spanish speaking country. I went and saw Cádiz C.F. play last weekend, and they won 3-0! The other team was Antequera, and they had the smallest crowd I have ever seen. It was very easy to dislike the other team, since their colors were green and black.

Cadiz Stadium

The árbitro whistled for halftime and Cádiz was ahead 3-0. The other crowd started getting angry and dropped their pants, mooning us. This drove the Cádiz fans nuts, and lets just say that I learned a few new vocabulary words that day.

The smallest group of fans, ever.

Everyone sang together in the stadium which was awesome. Except I didn't know what to sing exactly, so I recorded it and have been trying to figure it out for the next game on the 30th.
I give my German host brother crap all of the time because he is studying in Spain, and Spain beat Germany in the Euro Cup this year.

Final score of the game.

Here is my latest installment for my few readers there are, haha. Hope you enjoy! Next blog will probably be about Sevilla, because its my next stop on this Saturday. Chao!

Me before the game. I didn't have a Cádiz jersey, but now I do. Haha.


annette said...

Well Mase...sorry it is your Mother leaving the comment,..but I am happy that you went to the game and enjoyed it!! Love ya :) And have fun in Seville!

xoxem_ily said...

ok i dunno if you heard but green river beat the tigers this year at football so ha

Mason Magagna said...

hey em, that was football.
hopefully that isn't futbol.