15 November 2008


After a very long day, I'm actually glad to say that I am happy to be back in Cádiz. The sights in Sevilla were definitely eye candy, but some of the people there put me in the worst mood ever. I haven´t been so angry while being here I don't think. Andreas and I woke up at 6:00 to catch a train, which took about 1.5 hours to get to Sevilla.

I made it a point to see five things atleast while I was there. These are my favorites:
1) Plaza de Espana
2) Plaza de Toros
3) Giralda Catedral
4) The Gardens
5) Torre de Oro

Some of the people there were very nice and noticed I was constantly looking at a map, and helped give us directions to some places. But then others, basically were annoying and were 'reading my future' then demanding 20 Euro from me. I used some of my new colorful vocabulary to let them know that I was not happy with it. Bah, was that annoying.

I came home dehydrated, sunburnt, hungry, tired, and with a terrible headache. I ate and took some ibuprofen and now I am starting to feel better. I am pretty sure I could have enjoyed this trip more had I prepared a little better. Haha, but I'm okay! :D I bought some postcards, but I don't have anyone's address with me. Comment me on here with it, or e-mail me [magagna_m@hotmail.com] and I will be sure to send you one! Adios!


annette said...

My goodness they have some BEAUTIFUL PLACES AND BUILDINGS THERE!! Although I still would have caught that woman that took your money & kicked butt!! Ha...thats the MOTHER coming out in me! :)

xoxem_ily said...

i better get one since i read your blog and comment...its 1130 east 450 north #41 provo utah 84606...and where is my other present. haha jk. lol anyway the stuff is really pretty. ttyl

Amy =] said...

I'm glad you got to go experience Sevilla..but I'm sorry that gypsy took your money =[ lol guess wut I did with my Saturday? I went to this open house thing at the University of Utah && I loved it. lol that'll most likely be where I go next year. But give me a call when you can -- mucho amounts of stories for you!

I love you && miss you!

Jen said...

Man it looks amazing Mas! I love all the pics. our new address is 3325 scott dr.