31 December 2008

Chao 2008

These are the pics from what I have been doing in Galicia. First one is in Lugo, in the Romanian wall which is over 2,000 years old. That was pretty cool. The next is a cool church I found interesting in the Pontevedra. And then this last one is Carla and I at La Playa Catedrales which had high tide, so we actually didn't get to see the arcs, but it was beautiful. I like Galicia!

These are fun. :) 2008 Survey

What was your biggest achievement?

What was your biggest failure?
Not giving everything that extra 20%.

Did you do something that you would never do before?
I rode the Colossus at Lagoon for the first time... now I don't fear roller coasters as much.

Stayed single almost the whole year?
For the most part, yes.

Kissed someone new?

Done something you've regretted?
I don't regret anything.

Lost someone?

Cut class?
Not in the Rock, but in Spain yeah. Haha, baloncesta and playa calls. ;)

Were involved in something you'll never forget?
For sure, Spain has been off the hook!

Visited a different country?
"Spain has been off the hook."

Cooked a gross meal?
Define "gross". I am sure I did, but I don't recall anything at the moment. Oh wait, yeah I made Atole, which I wasn't too fond of.

Lost something important to you?
If I did, I didn't notice yet.

Got a gift you adore?
Many. First Spain. Then my laptop. Last seeing Carla.

Tripped over a coffee table?
Nope, nor almost killing Wesley with one either.

Dyed your hair?
Nope, unless "invisible" counts as a color.

Came close to losing your life?
Me and some fellow friends risked it a couple of nights, but I wouldn't say anything too drastic.

Went to a party?
Check. Spain: It's one big party.

Read a great book?
Read 4. What's up Twilight series?!

Name 5 songs that will remind you of 2008?
Apologize, Kelsey, Only If You Say, Whatever You Like, Time of My Life

Saw one of your favorite bands/artists live?

Greatest discovery?
Comida española.

Did you meet any new friends this year?
A lot of new friends in Barcelona, Cádiz, and Santiago de Compostela.

Did you dislike anyone?
Let me think... yeah.

Did you grow apart from anyone?
I would like to say no, but I did.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
I don't regret anything.

Did you have a birthday cake?
Uhm, yes.

Did you have a party?
I actually don't remember, as bad as that sounds. I don't recall doing anything this year on my birthday... I probably worked.

Did you get any presents?
I am sure. What? I can't remember.

Did you change at all this year?
For the better, yes.

Did you change your style?
Yeah. I also changed sizes.

Did your behavior change?
Not only my behavior, but my entire outlook on life.

Were you in school?
2 different ones. Rock Springs High School, and I.E.S. La Caleta

Did you get good grades?
In the U.S.A. yes. In España no.

Did you drive?
Of course. Although I haven't in over 3 months! Ughh.

Did you own a car?

Did anyone close to you give birth?
Amanda Hughes.

Did you move at all?
To a different country. Cádiz, ES.

Did you go on any vacations?
San Francisco, and Spain.

Would you change anything about yourself now?
I want to just be able to understand "Subjuntivo"!!!

Was 2008 a good year?
It was, hands down, my favorite year.

When did things change for you if they did?
Ughh, every month something changed for me. Two most drastic changes for me though: March I made the soccer team, so that boosted my self esteem. Then in September I went to my first foreign country.

Do you think 2009 will be better then 2008?

I confess that in the beginning of 2008 I...
...I should have taken everything a bit more seriously.

I confess that towards the end of 2008 I...
...I am really bummed about saying "Adios" to everyone in Spain, even though I still have a chance of seeing them again.

My best friend(s) in 2008 was?
U.S. : Amy, Nick, Jesse, Carrie.
Spain: Carla, Jesús.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

26 December 2008

Que Guay!!!

I kept saying this yesterday because yesterday felt more like Christmas to me than the day before. So I woke up, and I found my luggage outside my door, which was like Merry Christmas to me! Then Carla had prepared me breakfast, so that was pretty dandy. Then we went through our daily agenda of everything we have to do, such as buying our tickets to the New Years Party Discotecas, New Haircut, Meeting Tamara, Seeing the Cathedral, Trying Castañas, Meeting Andres and Uxía, then coming home to find that Papa Noel did send me something. =DTamara and I in line getting some castañas.
Carla wouldn´t stop taking pictures of this, and saying "Que bonito!!!"
This was in front of the ayuntamiento. Santiago has Cádiz beat.
The Cathedral in Santiago. Me encanta!
Andres, Uxía, Tamara, y Yo! =D
Mario loved all of the cookies my parents sent, and he dug into the ribbon candy immediately. xD This kid is exactly like Wes.
Carla and her beloved animal crackers.
And Papa Noel really wanted to put a smile on our faces... Haha. Okay, so look forward to seeing more blogs here shortly, alright? Its much easier blogging here, when I have internet in the house. xD Hasta luego!

25 December 2008

Bo Nadal

- in Gallego that's Merry Christmas!

What's up, deja vu? This reminds me of the picture of Nick and I at the SLC Airport.

I made it here to Santiago de Compostela perfectly, or almost perfectly I should say. I still don't have my suitcase, nor will I until tomorrow morning. It's a good thing I have such a great family looking over me; they've supplied me with anything and everything that I needed already.

This is me and Jesus' dad before I left Jerez.

Papa Noel didn't bring me anything for Christmas...Except this crazy Spaniard! xD

So now I am in Santiago, and already getting used to their accent. I already love it, although the temperature here is extremely different than Cadiz. This is so wierd seeing Carla again, it still hasn't hit me. :/ I think I've become numb to emotions or something. Pues, ahora no tengo nada mas decir. Entonces, hasta luego!
Me, Carla, and Patri, right after going to a cafe! =D

24 December 2008

Noche Buena

Tonight, or last night I suppose because its 1:30 here in Spain at the moment, we celebrated Noche Buena. We ate sooo much food starting at 10 p.m. and finished at about 12:30 when I decided I couldn't eat anymore and finally got a hold of my mom. =]

Here is the feast, or the first set of food!
Cangrejos, Queso, Chorizo, Vino, etc. Me encanta!!!

So here in a couple hours I will be getting up for my Christmas present; a day in the airport. I'm super nervous because I am flying alone, but I've gotten over a few fears in the past few days. For another quick update...

I can't speak Spanish over the phone, or couldn't I should say. I get really nervous because I don't have my hands to help explain, nor do I see their's. So the other night I calmed down and I actually had a decent conversation on the phone! Woo! Haha.

I rode a MoPed for the first time on Saturday night, because everyone and their perros have them over here. ;) That was pretty intense, then we went into the new part of Cadiz, and my friend Jesus won a laptop! Congrats Jesus, I hope you can understand this. xD Then I got ahold of some of my friends in the Rock, and we walked on the beach, which was pretty bomb. After all that, Jesus and I were kind of "McDonalds Out" so we settled for TelePizza, which is this pizza place here in Spain that deliver pizzas on motorcycles, I'll get a picture of the bikes one day. ;) Anyways, pizza de barbacoa is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread!

And up until last night I hadn't really realized anything about Christmas, then I went to my friend's Christmas concert which they sang a few songs in English and that amazed me, and I realized how close it is. Haha, I suppose I was a little late this year, but ah well. Congrats on your concert too Alvarito! xD

So, Feliz Navidad, hope I get to Santiago de Compostela all fine and dandy by tomorrow night, and I'll post a new blog then. Thanks for reading! Xao!

19 December 2008

Las Navidades

I love this Spanish desert!!! OMG!!!

So the day has finally arrived, and we are let out for Christmas break. Its about time. Just kidding, I really don´t know how these next few days will pass before I go to Santiago de Compostela.

So, a brief update. Barcelona won, 2-0. I have never seen so many upset Spaniards as I did on Monday morning. I did a competition last Friday, with the two Jesús' and I managed to get a 28% on a culture quiz. I beat a few people here in Caí, so that was pretty exciting. Tonight I think we are going to try it again. . . the three winners get a free laptop! =D

Instead of going to school today though, the 2º de Bachillerato decided to have a skip day. Well, I was not about to sit in class alone, so I went and played some more basketball. It was pretty intense, and I made them laugh a lot by screaming RAIN DANCE like off of Along Came Polly.

Then we went and picked up our grades at 2:30. Well I am not going to talk about my grades right now. . . its Christmas time and I think everyone should be happy so I will save it, and possibly you will find out later. So we show up, and someone (who could it be?) had placed a poster on the school wall, demanding a bike rack. The point of the poster was pretty hilarious, or so I thought.

Then a few of my friends from the other classes came up to me, "We are never going to see eachother again. . ." and it reminded me of at Carla´s going away "barbacoa" with that little boy, who said the same exact thing with a smile on his face. Then Mrs. Atkinson's reaction was hilarious, "I guess that is a way to look at it." xD So I told them that I was coming back for a week after the Christmas break, and I hope that it isn´t as hard to say "hasta luego" as it feels like its going to be right now.

Arancha and I.

So I saw some more of my friends, and we vegged out for a while. It was fun getting to see them. Then when Arancha and I were saying bye I decided to try to be funny and say "Hasta dos mil nueva" but it didn´t come out as funny as I thought I did. . . so I got a few stares and started laughing at myself, then they laughed because I officially had gone "loko" - I know that´s not correct, thats just my nick name here.

December 19, 2009

Other than that, I don´t really know what else to say. . . the weather was fenomenal today, and I am totally digging the Spanish life. I still don´t like Flan, even though we have it on a daily basis the taste seems to get worse day by day. Then today we got something new, and I asked if it was going to be like Flan, and my host mom said no. Mentiras... this is me and my feelings for Flan.

xD Disfruta! Feliz Navidad, if I don´t get another one on here shortly

11 December 2008

¡Estoy mas feliz que un gordito con un postre!

An update for the weekend would be that I saw the movie and then as far as this 4 day fiesta went, it was a bunch of walking and what not. . . nothing too huge there.

Jesús Moro, Jesús Peinado, y Yo

We are so lucky to have this picture. . . although it is "illegal" to have. Jaja.
This week, hands down, has been the best week of my experience. I have had the opportunity of trying a new Spanish dish, Huevos A La Flamenca. . . I hung out with a few friends tonight actually, we walked the streets of Cádiz and I saw the city lit up with all of the decorations. It was the first time they were lit up, and I enjoyed it. I went with Jesús Moro and Jesús Mª Peinado to see ALL of Casco Antiguo and it was a decent walk. . . through all the calles, it was great. And then to finish it off we ate at Burger King. xD

They go All Out here in Spain for the holidays.

All is going great! 2 Weeks until I get to finally see Carla. Eeek! =D Thank you for reading. ¡Hasta luego!


I am really happy with how it turned out. I watched it in Spanish of course, yet I understood it perfectamente! K guay. xD

Mi amigo Jesús y yo y otros también vamos a verla otravez el sábado, antes del partido de Real Madrid y Barcelona. :O Dun Dun Dun. . .

05 December 2008

Ho Ho Hola

Sorry I haven't updated this in a few weeks. All is going good, just had a few weeks of exams, and still have a few this coming week. I got a 4´5 on my Historía de España exam, ¡that made my day! My four day vacation is this weekend, starting today. Its really beginning to look a lot like Navidad at the moment, because all the streets have decorations from window to window, door to door, etc. to etc.. . . and now the homesickness is sinking in. =/

Me with the 1 Bachillerato playing some soccer.

Four day fiesta:
5/12/08 Día internacional del voluntariado
6/12/08 Día de la Constitución
7/12/08 Descasna (domingo)
8/12/08 Día de la Inmaculada

For the ump-teenth time I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving because they don't do that here (Emily xD), but I taught them a little about it. I had myself a good ol' turkey sammich though. =] Post cards are sent, have a few more addresses to get though, *cough*.

Árbol de Navidad!
Las vacaciones here start December 19 and we go back to school on the 8th of January. Well, they go back the 8th because I don't get back here until the 11th. Bwahaha. Hopefully, rambo.com is not being simpática with oversea transactions.

Next weekend = zona guerra. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. Estará intenso. xD

We finally got Twilight today, well its called Crepúsculo here in Spain, so I probably will be watching that this weekend. I also might cheat my system of one book from the series each month, and read Breaking Dawn this month since I already finished Eclipse and catch myself being hella bored from time to time xD. Okay, well I promise to post another blog next week about the fiestas this weekend. Entonces, hasta la próxima vez, adiós!

The new look with the cold weather.

Jorge y yo estamos en el mismo barco

Yup, I wanna be hardcore too, xD just kidding. Thanks for sharing this Jesse, I'll show it to my friend Jorge.