25 December 2008

Bo Nadal

- in Gallego that's Merry Christmas!

What's up, deja vu? This reminds me of the picture of Nick and I at the SLC Airport.

I made it here to Santiago de Compostela perfectly, or almost perfectly I should say. I still don't have my suitcase, nor will I until tomorrow morning. It's a good thing I have such a great family looking over me; they've supplied me with anything and everything that I needed already.

This is me and Jesus' dad before I left Jerez.

Papa Noel didn't bring me anything for Christmas...Except this crazy Spaniard! xD

So now I am in Santiago, and already getting used to their accent. I already love it, although the temperature here is extremely different than Cadiz. This is so wierd seeing Carla again, it still hasn't hit me. :/ I think I've become numb to emotions or something. Pues, ahora no tengo nada mas decir. Entonces, hasta luego!
Me, Carla, and Patri, right after going to a cafe! =D

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xoxem_ily said...

oo i miss carla.. i hope you guys are having tons of fun..and maybe her lack of brains like mine is reminding you of me haha jk...so whats the travel plans for the next few weeks.