11 December 2008

¡Estoy mas feliz que un gordito con un postre!

An update for the weekend would be that I saw the movie and then as far as this 4 day fiesta went, it was a bunch of walking and what not. . . nothing too huge there.

Jesús Moro, Jesús Peinado, y Yo

We are so lucky to have this picture. . . although it is "illegal" to have. Jaja.
This week, hands down, has been the best week of my experience. I have had the opportunity of trying a new Spanish dish, Huevos A La Flamenca. . . I hung out with a few friends tonight actually, we walked the streets of Cádiz and I saw the city lit up with all of the decorations. It was the first time they were lit up, and I enjoyed it. I went with Jesús Moro and Jesús Mª Peinado to see ALL of Casco Antiguo and it was a decent walk. . . through all the calles, it was great. And then to finish it off we ate at Burger King. xD

They go All Out here in Spain for the holidays.

All is going great! 2 Weeks until I get to finally see Carla. Eeek! =D Thank you for reading. ¡Hasta luego!


Jen said...

Glad everythings going so well. Looks like fun. :) Love the decorations. OOO, did you see Twilight in spanish?? :)

Annette said...

Why is it "illegal " to have that pic hon?? Just curious. It looks so amazing there with all of the Christmas decorations!! I Love and Miss you! :)