05 December 2008

Ho Ho Hola

Sorry I haven't updated this in a few weeks. All is going good, just had a few weeks of exams, and still have a few this coming week. I got a 4´5 on my Historía de España exam, ¡that made my day! My four day vacation is this weekend, starting today. Its really beginning to look a lot like Navidad at the moment, because all the streets have decorations from window to window, door to door, etc. to etc.. . . and now the homesickness is sinking in. =/

Me with the 1 Bachillerato playing some soccer.

Four day fiesta:
5/12/08 Día internacional del voluntariado
6/12/08 Día de la Constitución
7/12/08 Descasna (domingo)
8/12/08 Día de la Inmaculada

For the ump-teenth time I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving because they don't do that here (Emily xD), but I taught them a little about it. I had myself a good ol' turkey sammich though. =] Post cards are sent, have a few more addresses to get though, *cough*.

Árbol de Navidad!
Las vacaciones here start December 19 and we go back to school on the 8th of January. Well, they go back the 8th because I don't get back here until the 11th. Bwahaha. Hopefully, rambo.com is not being simpática with oversea transactions.

Next weekend = zona guerra. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. Estará intenso. xD

We finally got Twilight today, well its called Crepúsculo here in Spain, so I probably will be watching that this weekend. I also might cheat my system of one book from the series each month, and read Breaking Dawn this month since I already finished Eclipse and catch myself being hella bored from time to time xD. Okay, well I promise to post another blog next week about the fiestas this weekend. Entonces, hasta la próxima vez, adiós!

The new look with the cold weather.


jesus Mª said...

Espero que lo estés pasando muy bien aquí :D
Eres muy simpático, espero volver a verte después de que te vayas, quizas en los estados unidos 8-) jajajajaj, no lo creo :S
Espero ver las fotos de estas fiestas el martes ;)

Annette said...

AWEEEE Mason...I don't want you to get too homesick! I feel bad enough that you won't be here with us for Christmas or your BDay. :( I myself am really not into the holidays too much or the decorating this year...Just isn't the same without ya!! But I am so happy that you are going to Carla's for Christmas Vacation!! Love ya Hon...MOM

Álvaro said...

Hola Mason... que pena q tienes que marcharte antes de acabar el curso verdad?... joder te pierdes lo mejor: los carnavales, la semana santa y el tiempo de playa... bueno eso te obliga a volver =D .... ajjajaja.... Yo he estado leyendo gran parte de tu blog y me he dado cuenta de que la mayoria lo entiendooo!!! =O ... el profesor de inglés está haciendo un buen trabajo conmigo... xD ... has entrado en mi fotolog??? es un poco... "crazy"..... pero ya me conoces.. estoy un poco loco... espero que te ayude mi presencia en clase para mejorar tu español y con la informacion que te doy aprendas de nuestra cultura... ademas espero que te lo estes pasando bien conmigo y con la clase... aunuqe yo soy muy pesado... -.-' ...bueno nos veremos mañana en clase... god bye mason!!!!!!!!!!!

PD.: i must study history but i'm reading your book... xD ..... it's very bored... xD ..... ohhhh!!! i'm speaking in ""englishhh""!!!! jajajajaj