19 December 2008

Las Navidades

I love this Spanish desert!!! OMG!!!

So the day has finally arrived, and we are let out for Christmas break. Its about time. Just kidding, I really don´t know how these next few days will pass before I go to Santiago de Compostela.

So, a brief update. Barcelona won, 2-0. I have never seen so many upset Spaniards as I did on Monday morning. I did a competition last Friday, with the two Jesús' and I managed to get a 28% on a culture quiz. I beat a few people here in Caí, so that was pretty exciting. Tonight I think we are going to try it again. . . the three winners get a free laptop! =D

Instead of going to school today though, the 2º de Bachillerato decided to have a skip day. Well, I was not about to sit in class alone, so I went and played some more basketball. It was pretty intense, and I made them laugh a lot by screaming RAIN DANCE like off of Along Came Polly.

Then we went and picked up our grades at 2:30. Well I am not going to talk about my grades right now. . . its Christmas time and I think everyone should be happy so I will save it, and possibly you will find out later. So we show up, and someone (who could it be?) had placed a poster on the school wall, demanding a bike rack. The point of the poster was pretty hilarious, or so I thought.

Then a few of my friends from the other classes came up to me, "We are never going to see eachother again. . ." and it reminded me of at Carla´s going away "barbacoa" with that little boy, who said the same exact thing with a smile on his face. Then Mrs. Atkinson's reaction was hilarious, "I guess that is a way to look at it." xD So I told them that I was coming back for a week after the Christmas break, and I hope that it isn´t as hard to say "hasta luego" as it feels like its going to be right now.

Arancha and I.

So I saw some more of my friends, and we vegged out for a while. It was fun getting to see them. Then when Arancha and I were saying bye I decided to try to be funny and say "Hasta dos mil nueva" but it didn´t come out as funny as I thought I did. . . so I got a few stares and started laughing at myself, then they laughed because I officially had gone "loko" - I know that´s not correct, thats just my nick name here.

December 19, 2009

Other than that, I don´t really know what else to say. . . the weather was fenomenal today, and I am totally digging the Spanish life. I still don´t like Flan, even though we have it on a daily basis the taste seems to get worse day by day. Then today we got something new, and I asked if it was going to be like Flan, and my host mom said no. Mentiras... this is me and my feelings for Flan.

xD Disfruta! Feliz Navidad, if I don´t get another one on here shortly


Álvaro said...

los power rangers en la foto!!! jejejejejejej tenemos que hacer mas fotos... sobre todo el dia que hagamos una cena de despedida!!! leo tu blog pero creo que solo entiendo el 25% xD .... adioooooooo pixaaaaaaa!!!!

Jen said...

Jeff hates flan too. :) I remember that BBQ, wasn't it sam, my friends kid who said that?? :) Jeff isn't here, but I'll ask if he has any gift suggestions when he gets in. Take care!