24 December 2008

Noche Buena

Tonight, or last night I suppose because its 1:30 here in Spain at the moment, we celebrated Noche Buena. We ate sooo much food starting at 10 p.m. and finished at about 12:30 when I decided I couldn't eat anymore and finally got a hold of my mom. =]

Here is the feast, or the first set of food!
Cangrejos, Queso, Chorizo, Vino, etc. Me encanta!!!

So here in a couple hours I will be getting up for my Christmas present; a day in the airport. I'm super nervous because I am flying alone, but I've gotten over a few fears in the past few days. For another quick update...

I can't speak Spanish over the phone, or couldn't I should say. I get really nervous because I don't have my hands to help explain, nor do I see their's. So the other night I calmed down and I actually had a decent conversation on the phone! Woo! Haha.

I rode a MoPed for the first time on Saturday night, because everyone and their perros have them over here. ;) That was pretty intense, then we went into the new part of Cadiz, and my friend Jesus won a laptop! Congrats Jesus, I hope you can understand this. xD Then I got ahold of some of my friends in the Rock, and we walked on the beach, which was pretty bomb. After all that, Jesus and I were kind of "McDonalds Out" so we settled for TelePizza, which is this pizza place here in Spain that deliver pizzas on motorcycles, I'll get a picture of the bikes one day. ;) Anyways, pizza de barbacoa is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread!

And up until last night I hadn't really realized anything about Christmas, then I went to my friend's Christmas concert which they sang a few songs in English and that amazed me, and I realized how close it is. Haha, I suppose I was a little late this year, but ah well. Congrats on your concert too Alvarito! xD

So, Feliz Navidad, hope I get to Santiago de Compostela all fine and dandy by tomorrow night, and I'll post a new blog then. Thanks for reading! Xao!


xoxem_ily said...

o mason..that food..not gonna lie. eww. jk jk.

Mr. Wiest said...

I am glad that you took advantage of this opportunity. The memories and experiences will never leave you as long as you live. Looks like a lot of fun was had.