26 December 2008

Que Guay!!!

I kept saying this yesterday because yesterday felt more like Christmas to me than the day before. So I woke up, and I found my luggage outside my door, which was like Merry Christmas to me! Then Carla had prepared me breakfast, so that was pretty dandy. Then we went through our daily agenda of everything we have to do, such as buying our tickets to the New Years Party Discotecas, New Haircut, Meeting Tamara, Seeing the Cathedral, Trying Castañas, Meeting Andres and Uxía, then coming home to find that Papa Noel did send me something. =DTamara and I in line getting some castañas.
Carla wouldn´t stop taking pictures of this, and saying "Que bonito!!!"
This was in front of the ayuntamiento. Santiago has Cádiz beat.
The Cathedral in Santiago. Me encanta!
Andres, Uxía, Tamara, y Yo! =D
Mario loved all of the cookies my parents sent, and he dug into the ribbon candy immediately. xD This kid is exactly like Wes.
Carla and her beloved animal crackers.
And Papa Noel really wanted to put a smile on our faces... Haha. Okay, so look forward to seeing more blogs here shortly, alright? Its much easier blogging here, when I have internet in the house. xD Hasta luego!

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