22 January 2009

historía de mi vida

2º de Bachillerato A

Rebajas were probably the greatest shopping experiences in my life, not. Don't get me wrong, the sales were great. . . but it actually wasn't worth it in the end. I've lost about 70 Euros worth of clothing because of the "Puta Iberia". I left Carla's house on the 11th at like 6 a.m. and surprisingly it didn't feel so much as Deja Vu as I thought it was going to. Well, my suitcase was sent from Santiago de Compostela to Jerez, and so I didn't have to worry about picking it up in Madrid to have to resend it again. So I had a boring four hour airport experience in Madrid-Barajas Airport. I landed in Jerez at about 13:00 and Jesus and his dad were there to pick me up, which was the greatest thing in the world since I missed my gaditanos while I was gone. xD I retrieve my suitcase, and like any normal human being I head out the doors. I meet up with Jesus, then we head out, meet his dad again, and head back to Cadiz. Well, I get back to Cadiz in one piece, but the suitcase is another story. Jesus' family invited me to go eat with them, and so of course I'm not going to turn down a great meal, they had canellones! I took my suitcase home really quick and tried to switch out of my clothes to put something a little bit more presentable on. I went for the suitcase where my new clothes were, but when I opened the suitcase I found that I was missing about 6 shirts in total. My RSHS Soccer shirt, Lime Green Adidas, and then 4 of my new shirts that I just bought for Rebajas. I do not recommend flying with Iberia, even if the flights may be cheap. You will pay for terrible service and the possibility of your flight getting cancelled. I can't do anything about the shirts, because I didn't check the suitcase before I left the airport. Ah well. I still have 2 shirts that I liked.

Then my week started off to a great start on Monday. I told to everyone what the Kings had brought me, what I did over the break, and then that I was leaving on the 19th. This was one of the hardest things for me to take in, realizing that I had 1 week to get everything finished. So Monday, I finished my 25 Cool Things I Did In Spain presentation. Then Tuesday the 13th in Spain is "malsuerte". I was supposed to go ice skating in La Plaza San Antonio, but Jesus was sick and I wasn't about to just go by myself but whatever. This day I also stepped into a pot hole that was filled with water, and had to sit in school with wet pants which was a bit annoying. I'm glad Alvaro found it funny though. :/ Wednesday I went with Guille, Emy, and Jesus to Burger King for a small dinner. Then Thursday came and I told my math teacher, Pedro, good-bye which was fun because I got him off task for about thirty minutes and the class was really grateful for that. That night I went and played some baloncesto with the two Jesus', Fran, and some younger kids. . . and after that ate with Jesus' family again. I had to try this famous "pizza" that Jesus was raving about, so thank you Pedro for the bomb pizza, I wish I had some sort of skill to cook. Friday we actually had a huelga. I probably enjoyed this more than I should have, that will be another post though. I went to my last Recreo and the Churrete will be greatly missed. Ughh... que rico. So that was my last school week in a nutshell, all I can say is that I can't believe that I've already left. Fastest 4 months in my life, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.My last Recreo... :(

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