06 January 2009

Hola 2009!

Tamara,Sara, Andres, Carla, Me, Patri, and Ruben festejando!

So New Year's was one of the most different things that I have experienced since I've been in Spain. To start off the night, we had a huge dinner with all of Carla's family that consisted of seafood, tarts, and vino. Then as we waited for it to be 2009, everyone passed around 12 grapes. Here is the game plan: 12 grapes, 12 seconds. . . you have to eat all if you want good luck this new year.
I laugh because my sister saw this photo and asked, "Do you have to poop them out in 12 seconds too or what?"

So Carla and I went out with her friends to the discotecas at 2 a.m. (I like this lifestyle because being a night owl is normal and not frowned upon! xD) and got home at about 8 a.m. when it was just new years in the Rock. The night started out fun, with party favors in the first club, but by the time it was 7 I was so happy to be heading to get free Hot Chocolate and Churros. =D There is nothing better than Chocolate and Churros! Felicidades! 2009, wooo!

Mmm, I will miss churros and hot chocolate. Or Rachael and I will continue making churros that explode! Haha.

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Jen said...

Yum-o I want churros and hot cocoa. :)