22 January 2009

¡Somos Niños! ¡No Pingüinos!

The schools here in Cadiz don't have a heating system, so we had an interesting huelga. We chanted "Somos niños! No pigüinos!" and bundled up in mantas for the first three hours. The way you get things accomplished here are a complete flip flop to how we do things in the U.S. I would say. So here are some pictures if you want to get a good laugh, like I did.

"Chillin" with the amigos. ;) Jajaja

So, I have two more blogs that I am for sure posting, be sure to check them out later this week. Its about my last weekend, and then about my experience in general. :D I am in London now, so this really is the last of my experience. . . and I can't believe its already over.