27 September 2009

Adventura, segunda vez. :)

I never really did update this with the pictures from my little vacation back to Cadiz with Jerad. I'll upload some pictures, and tell you a little about what happened each day.

This was the day after we arrived. We stayed at Jesus' grandparents house which was in the new part of Cadiz. I saw parts of the city that I wasn't as familiar with, and then parts such as 'Plaza McDonalds' which I was. Hahaha. Here we are Jerad (Geraldo), Jesus, Yo, y Fran and Marina and Sandra came to Playa Victoria also. What was kind of funny was that we were swimming, and Jerad yells, "Mason, I have my camera with me", as we are swimming out to a bouy, and so I started laughing, and I yell to Jesus and Fran, "Heyy! Vosotros quereis sacar una foto?!" And they were like, "Que dices, loco?!" and then Jerad admitted that his wallet was also lost. I don't know the expression "fml" in Spanish, but it's one that I need to learn.

We made a trip back to Sevilla, so that I could seek revenge upon the gypsies that stole my money. Once again, they tried talking to us but this time I was a bit smarter. Jerad, I think, enjoyed Sevilla... it was fun say Geraldo y la Giralda. Jajaja! (that's the name of the large cathedral there).

That night we made a return back to Jesus' cabin in Chiclana, where we had a barbeque with Danny and Guillermo, and all of Jesus' family. It was a ton of fun, and Jerad tried some new foods. At this point in time, I think the 'tinto verano' was getting to me. Haha

We ate lunch at his cabin also the next day, and it was fun getting to cook a huge paella, but the food never stopped, and Jerad didn't want to eat more so it was funny watching him give into 'Ok, UN POCO!" and then they'd give him an entire plate more. Hahaha

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