20 February 2012

Granada, España

The clock counts down, and Cori and I are saying our farewells until June 12. We fly out on Saturday February 25 from Denver and land in Madrid on the 26 where we will spend a few days with our program, ISA. We are going to be attending la Universidad de Granada starting in March and going until May and then doing a little bit of traveling for a few weeks.

I am going to update this blog bimonthly at least, as I have Western Wyoming Community College's Spanish Club following me. I have used it ever since I first studied in Spain in high school, in Cadiz. I am also thinking of creating a twitter account for my adventures abroad, follow me!

Those of you who have iPhones and would like to stay in touch here and there be sure to text me while I am abroad to: magagna_m@yahoo.com as I have added that address to my phone so it will not charge either one of us!

I am looking forward to this opportunity to go abroad, learn more of the wonderful language, see a new part of the country that I love so much and heal from last semester!

If anyone has any suggestions of definite "must-sees" while Cori and I are in Granada, I would greatly appreciate them!

Hasta luego, de nuevo. ;-)

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