26 March 2012

Él que juega con un ladrón tiene 100 años de perdon.

I haven't updated in a while, and tío do I regret that... This blog is going to have 3 large sections to it, after I finish assuring everyone that I am okay. Thursday night I went out and encountered an issue with two Romanian guys. I was walking up one of the streets that I usually take to go to school, and have taken after meetings and such. I was walking and got jumped by two Romanian guys who attempted to rob me. After a few moments of struggling to get my bag from punching me, the other one went to cover my mouth with his arm. 2v1, I felt it was a free for all on my part and I bit the guy's arm that was covering my mouth, allowing me a second to stand up and run, meanwhile shouting "Que te jodas!" (In these moments, I don't even feel bad for learning naughty expressions). I ran to the nearest bar, and other than a bloody nose, fat lip, some impacted face and forehead scuffs I was good to go. Made a report, now I don't really know why but in that moment I thought it was the right thing to do.

Notes to self: Don't walk alone, and take streets that bars are on because if there are bars, there are bound to be people.

Bueno chicos, ahora lo de Sevilla y Córdoba
Our second weekend in Spain we went to Sevilla. While there I finally actually went up la Giralda and it was amazing. You could see the city, kind of figure out where you were in relation to other places in Sevilla and it was beautiful. On top of that when we entered the Cathedral I saw the tomb of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) which is 72% sure it is his body.The last time I was there Jerad and I had a pretty good time and I think Cori enjoyed it. We had a lot of free time on Friday and Saturday to go off and explore the city, so we took advantage of that and almost met up with Jesús Mª Peinado Campelo, my buddy from Cádiz, but in the end that didn't happen.

On Sunday we went to Cordoba which was beautiful. The first time I went there, and I thought the Cathedral was way cool. We didn't really get a whole lot of free time while we were there, so I took advantage of the time we did have to enjoy a nice sammich with our new ISA friends. It was a fantastic weekend, I am really glad ISA takes us out and about throughout Spain.
Plaza de España (Sevilla)

Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue In...
Bridge to Córdoba 

Marruecos, ÁfricaSo the following weekend we went on a trip with Discover Granada to Morocco, Africa and visited three different cities in the area. It was awesome, and not once did I ever feel the least bit of being uncomfortable. The three cities that we visited were Chefchauen, Tetuan, and Tangers. Couscous, chicken, couscous, chicken, some more couscous, some more chicken, it was fantastic and I didn't get sick, though I didn't risk drinking the water there. My favorite city is Chefchauen because the entire city is painted different shades of blue and white and the people were really cool!

Palace of the Moroccan Kings
Pudo and German Puda at the beach in Morocco
Cori and Hannah riding the camels

Haha I jumped in the pool on Saint Patrick's Day with a bunch of people. This is Rachel, and she's leaving at the end of this week to go back to the US, as well as our other friends that we made through the CLM at UGR. #sadday

View of Chefchauen From Casa Aladin
(Below) The town is painted blue and
white and so this is a fountain in the
city. It was absolutely awesome!!!!!!!

Morocco is beautful. So glad I had the opportunity to go and see what it was all about. :)

La Alpujarra y Motril

This last weekend, after the incident on Thursday night, I was looking forward to the weekend trip with ISA to La Alpujarra, a mountain range in the Sierra Nevada, with three pueblos blancos (white towns). The hike in the end lasted nearly 6 hours with all of the stops and such that we made along the way, but it was so great to relax, and then almost kill over when we made it back up the hill. The hike was great, but could have been better if our guides would have known the real routes to take. ;) Along the trip we stopped in the towns and got water from fountains, it was awesome, and refreshing!

After the night in the pueblos blancos, we went to the beach at Motril where only a few of us daring souls entered into the Med. It was a crappy day, and I am sun burnt right now, but now I have been to the beach in Spain which is what I have wanted for a while now. Hooray!

So this was a hella crazy update, a lot to take in for those who I haven't talked to in a while. Just want to let you know that I miss you guys but I am having a great time over here! Please send me an address and I will be sure to send you a post card! Love you guys!

Mason (:

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