08 March 2012

Mi primera semana en Granada

This is the first blog I'm posting since arriving in Granada. One week ago today I took the placement exam and got placed in Level 7, which is awesome because it works out to be 7 for March, 8 for April, and then 9th is the last level in May. I'm pretty content with Granada and what it has to offer, we've done a thousand things already though so hopefully after this weekend (ISA is taking us to Sevilla!!!) things will start to slow down and not be such a rush.

The city itself says Andalucia to me, which is fantastic because I loved Cadiz, and Sevilla. The two pictures above are of la Universidad de Granada (Centro de Lenguas Modernas) where we're taking our classes in the Kenya Building. You can click on the pictures and they'll get bigger, then hit the back button. My schedule is M-F from 9:00-13:00 with a 20 minute break in the middle, where we switch profesoras. I love my teachers, they're so nice and really fun... my class is only five of us at the moment, but within the next two weeks we lose 2 people so it will just be myself and two other girls.

We had an awesome visit to the Alhambra on Sunday. ISA took care of signing us up for it this time, and when I really understand what's being said about the history and such of Granada I'm going to sign up for the tour again with Maria Carmen who is fantastic about making sure we comprehend what's being said on the tours in Granada.

These flags are from left to right, European Union, Andalucia, Spain, and Granada. These flags are seen in the photo of the building from the side on the top right tower. The tour was fantastic! I really enjoyed it.

This here is a picture of Granada 10, which is a discoteca where we went our first weekend with our new friends, Rachel (N.J.) and Maddy (U.K.).

Well that's all I have time to write for now. Leave me a comment and such, sorry this was really short I'm just really busy with getting into routines and such right now, hopefully I will update either Sunday or Monday (domingo o lunes) some events from Sevilla. Thank's for reading!

Mason (:

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Erika said...

Looks beautiful Mas! Sounds like you are busy exploring and soaking it all in. I'm so happy for and so proud of you! The University looks pretty and it's great you like your professors! Love you lots and I'll be keepin tabs on your blog :)