17 May 2012

Lo siento, ¡hombre!

Hola, lo siento muchisimo!
So sorry I haven't updated in a while, those of you who read this. I realized I haven't really updated since March, which is not what I had planned on doing. I even have to struggle to think of everything that I have done since then. At the end of March we said good-bye to all of our friends. I miss Hannah, Maddy, and Rachel a lot, we had a great time in March and I can't believe we are already halfway done with May now. After Alpujarra was my last week of level 7 which I am happy to announce I passed! To celebrate, and to get out of the United States, Jesse came to Madrid so we all went and met up there like our old time group minus Nicky.


We seemed to have lots of fun, with not a lot of sleep. Jesse came during Semana Santa which is a "Holy Week", the week right before Easter which has tons of processions that were really fun to watch. Many foreigners (American's, I should say...) look at Semana Santa and feel a little sick to their stomach because of the caps and gowns that the penitentes wear, which resemble the KKK. Rumor has it that one of the members of the KKK went to Sevilla and saw how the caps hid the height of the penitentes, and the gown the rest of the body, then chose white as the color for what they stand for. This is just what I have been told, so pick and chose what you want to believe. Anyways, I saw many processions when Jesse, Cori, and I returned back to Granada, got caught right in the middle of one which was interesting as Jess and I needed to cross the street and couldn't.

So, after a few days in Granada, Jesse leaves on Saturday, and the following week I start to die in bed. I was sick with the flu, and not the 24 hour version that I have suffered before, but the 7 day one. At first I was so scared because I didn't want to have to go to the hospital, and in the end I didn't, I just laid in bed and Cori brought me 7Up. I love her so much for that! The following weeks I just took it really careful. Nothing bad has happened in the streets at night time, but I definitely studied a lot and have great news, I passed my  level 8 course with a 92% in the class, which puts me right now halfway completed with level 9. I have enjoyed Granada so much and am not ready to leave, but really I have to admit that I am excited to get home and see everyone.

After Level 8, Carla came down for the the last few days of April and the beginning of May, which I had to say goodbye to her on the 1st because one of my Spanish friend's (Aurora's) mom was going to Cadiz so I got a free ride to Cadiz to make it there and see Jesús for his birthday. That was a big surprise for him, because his girlfriend and dad sneaked me into the house while Jesús was getting ready, he walked out into the front room and saw me standing there and he could not believe it. I was very impressed with the whole surprise and its outcome.

So due to lack of updates and photos I will just make a huge post this week (I promise) of photos that I have accumulated here in Granada and my adventures. I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this, sorry its a catch up post, I will work on getting at least two more out before I get back home on June 12. Thanks so much for reading!


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Rachel said...

i miss you tooo!! and of course Granada too! Have some batatas bravas for me at our place!