30 April 2013


¡Hola todos! So, rumor has it that I will be going back to Spain this summer. I am here to confirm this! I will be studying in Barcelona from June 14 - July 15, at which point my sister is coming over and we are going to do a little bit of traveling in the south and center of Spain, and I will return on July 24 to los EE.UU. I am really excited!

One of the classes that I am taking is "Un paseo literario por Barcelona" which is a course where we will do reading, and then go out into the city of Barcelona and see some of the sites. I have designed the blog that we will be using to post photos and such, so I apologize if I do not post much on this one, just keep up to date with my travels if you would like, at the following link:


The other course that I am taking in BCN is going to be a class about the coexistence of three cultures in Spain, and it looks at Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and how Spain has all three coexisting with one another. I am really excited for both classes!

I have not been to Barcelona since Jerad and I had a 14 hour layover and we spent the majority of the time in the airport sleeping on the floor. The only other time I have been there previously is when I went to Cádiz, the program started in Barcelona so it will be nice to spend a good chunk of time there... and they have plenty of beach! I will try to get an updated photo of the following so that we can see a difference in me 2008-2013 (definitely more bald... jaja)

What else is new...? I got got my student teaching placement for Cheyenne East with Preston Duran for Spring 2014. I am really excited, as I am nearing the end of my academic career, unless I decide to still around for a masters. But we will just have to see about that! I hope all is well with you all. Thanks for reading! Abrazos!

Hasta luego!

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